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As a graduate of the University of Wisconsin with a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and as a registered Professional Engineer, I started my career in the HVAC business, eventually migrating into Plant Engineering for the district heating system at the University of Wisconsin. During my early career, I took some flying lessons and soon discovered my real passion was for aviation. Hence I quickly obtained my private pilots license in 1983 and followed up with additional ratings of commercial and multiengine in 1990,  CFI in 1991, CFII in 1995, Multiengine Instructor in 2000 and finally my ATP rating in 2004.  I also have my seaplane instructors rating, tailwheel and hi altitude endorsement.

Once I obtained my instructors rating I began instructing in 1991 and have done so ever since- having flown and given instruction in over 58 different types of aircraft. 


During this time, my need for aviation was not satisfied as my background in engineering led me to  aircraft construction.  My very first project was a Rotec Rally 2B ultralite which I purchased as a kit in 1981. With an urge to build something more, I traded my ultralite for a  partially completed Stits Playboy and learned the art of rib stitching. I completed  and flew it in 1990. It was about then I first became aware of  the Glasair during the EAA convention and discovered I needed to build one of these and sure enough after 4 years I completed my first Glasair- a Glasair IIS FT. Next came Glasair's introduction of the Glastar-I had to build it.  Two years later I completed and flew this airplane. Because it was such a versatile aircraft, I flew it for over 15 years and put on over 1500 hours on it.  After completing my Glastar,the building bug did not go away so I  started assisting others in building,  starting with building  a significant portion of a lancair IV. After that, it was the Sportsman that was next which I provided builder assistance to  completion, 2 new kit build Sportsman. Just recently I  built another Glasair kit  but with  the fast build options. This allowed me to complete the second Glasair(Super IIS FT) in less than three years. 

Other types of aircraft I have provided builder assistance is RV-9, RV-10, Zenith Long EZ  and of course builder assistance for Glasairs , Sportsmans and Glastars and panel upgrades as well.


With exceptional experience in building Glasair Aviation aircraft and my flight instruction experience , it was only natural for me to migrate into conducting first flights for individuals of their aircraft. For more then ten years, I have provided dozens of owners with final inspection and first flight services of their aircraft. Experiences  include first flights in Glasairs,Glastar and Sportsmans.


Certified  A&P mechanic 
Airplane Transport Pilot(ATP)
Commercial Pilot, Airplane Land and Sea
Certified Fight Instructor(CFI)
Certified Instrument Flight Instructor (CFII)
Commercial Multi-Engine Land
Multi-Engine Flight Instructor (MEI)
Multi-Engine Instrument Flight Instructor(MEII)
Seaplane Instructor
Cirrus Flight Instructor

5700+hrs Total Time             
Glasair  300 +hrs
Glastar  Sportsman  2000+ hours
Multi Engine   300+
Cirrus         650+
Turbine    25+
Seaplane 20+
Hi performance 1000+

Hi Performance
Hi Altitude
Sun Photo-Aerial photo work
ASGS –Aerial imaging
ACS- Aerial imaging, survey and chartering


We want to be the builder assistance facility you turn to for all your aviation needs.

For the many years  we’ve been in business, we have been striving to provide our clients the best quality service possible to gain their full satisfaction. .

Whether you own an Glastar, Sportsman an RV, or a high performance Glasair III or Lancair IV, we’re the place to take your aircraft for assistance in the building process or even panel upgrades.